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  • TEMA successfully carries out telematic Process Safety studies

    The consulting firm develops new working methods based on technological innovation

    April 24th 2020

    In the midst of the digital age, many of the tasks that used to require people to displace now can be done electronically. This is the case of some process safety studies, such as HAZOPs.

    TEMA has long been committed to digitalization and to the development of its own tools, such as EMTA, however, it has been the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19 that has allowed other telematic methodologies to be tested in real projects. The consulting firm has successfully developed several HAZOPs with clients, without the need to physically go to the facilities, which means greater security against possible infection for all those involved.

    Having proved the success of this method, TEMA has delved into it, equipping itself with the complementary tools necessary to offer a higher quality service. All of this will provide clients with advantages such as saving time and the possibility of working regardless of distance.