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  • TEMA is a safety and environmental consultancy specialized in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and mining industries. Its goal is to help companies and administrations around the world achieve safe environments and environmentally friendly processes.

    22 Mar
    In its firm commitment to the environment protection and the fundamental rights of people, the TEMA-LITOCLEAN group joins the celebration of this day, and claims the importance of making a responsible use of water and the rest of the natural resources, applying these statements in our activities and projects. [Read more]
    13 Mar
    The TEMA-LITOCLEAN group has carried out an internal examination about women in both companies, included in a masculine sector, and the data points out that the company follows a good policy of equality, since more than 45% of the total workforce are women. This fact encourages us to continue working in that direction, and to continue relying on female talent. [Read more]