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    Through a team of senior leaders with a great deal of experience in the sector and awareness of any technological innovation and legislative change, we work in the safety field to prevent accidents and to minimise their consequences with efficient solutions, as well as in proposing measures to reduce to the maximum the environmental impact of activities. 

    To do so, with regard to safety, the risks are identified and calculated through the simulation of the accident consequences in order to foresee the effects, and a series of actions are being proposed, taking into account a cost-benefit analysis that includes the incidence of each investment in improving safety. Further, emergency planning will enable it to know how to act by taking into account all risks in the case of an accident relating to the activity itself or the environment.

    In the environmental field, obtaining environmental authorisations and permits, as well as environmental risk analyses require studies covering very diverse disciplines and a comprehensive view of how an activity affects its environment. Some services offered by TEMA, thanks to its specialists in environmental, administrative and commercial law, include toxicology and computational toxicology; environmental health risk of hazardous substances and industrial environment