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    Safe environments and environmentally respectful processes

    TEMA, part of the TEMA LITOCLEAN Group, is a safety and environmental consultancy specialising in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and mining industry. Its purpose is to help companies and administrations across the world achieve safe environments and environmentally respectful processes.

    TEMA was born in 1986 with the purpose of fully dedicating itself to industrial safety and the environment. It was the first company in Europe to have these characteristics and a pioneer in Europe. The first project it undertook was the risk analysis of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage at an oil refinery. 

    Today’s challenges that TEMA made its own 30 years ago

    Since then, TEMA has consolidated and grown. Within the framework of the TEMA LITOCLEAN Group, in 1992, it opened in Mexico its first affiliate in the Americas, where it was also a pioneer. Today, the Group has offices in Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru, and works successfully in Europe, America, Africa, m and Asia. 

    Experts who never tire of learning

    Industrial safety and the environment are two specialities that require constant innovation based on experience. The TEMA team has collaborated with different public administrations in the development of technical criteria applicable to managing both specialities.

    TEMA is, above all, a team of senior specialists, most of them having over 15 years’ experience in the sector, yet still receive continuous training and  on top of any technological innovation or legislative change, which make them to be often invited to speak at conferences and talks. 

    In 1986, TEMA undertook its first project: an analysis of the risks of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage at a refinery. Ever since, it has developed:

    • Over 700 safety and risk analysis studies
    • Over 30,000 km of road and rail in the study of the risk of hazardous material transport
    • Hundreds of emergency plans: indoor and outdoor, port, municipal, school, railway transport
    • Over 100 computerised emergency plans (SIGEM)
    • Over 200 safety audits and inspections
    • Over 1,250 HAZOP studies
    • Over 600 environmental impact studies
    • Over 150 ATEX studies and area classification
    • Over 50 SIL studies
    • Over 100 environmental risk studies
    • Thousands of hours of training in their specialities