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  • Substantial change and non-substantial change

    The processing of non-substantial and substantial changes allows to keep updated the Authorization or Environmental License.

    Law 20/2009, on prevention and environmental control of activities, establishes that a project that incorporates substantial modifications of the activities already authorized and includes the non-substantial modifications with effects on the environment, must be presented to the Administration.

    The parameters to qualify the modifications as substantial or non-substantial, considering the greater or lower incidence of the planned modification will be based on:

    • Dimensions and characteristics of the activity affected.
    • Production
    • Natural resources used: water and energy
    • Waste generated.
    • Possible contamination generated.

    TEMA could help you in all the procedures generating the minimum interference with your normal activity.

    Our procedure includes:

    • Visit the facility to collect data and acquire a detailed knowledge of the situation.
    • Quantification of the change as substantial or not, based on the established criteria
    • Implementation of application documents, technical form and report.
    • Documentation processing in the Administration portal.
    • Follow up administrative procedure until final resolution, which will be integrated in the Environmental Authorization.