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    ERA is one of the star tools in environmental consultancy

    May 30th 2018

    TEMA highlighted the importance of the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) to a group of students from the Chemical Engineering Master of the Universitat de Barcelona. ERA is an essential tool to identify and estimate the environmental risks’ economic value that might be produced by certain industrial activities. 

    The presentation, delivered by María Almazán, from the commercial and technical department of TEMA, took place last May 24th. The two-hours workshop was given within the framework of the Master in Chemical Engineering in the Risks Analysis and Estimation subject. During the seminar, it was explained how to develop an ERA and two case studies were exposed.

    Nowadays ERA, (in Spanish ARMA- Análisis de Riesgo Medioambiental) is one of the most widely used tools in safety and environmental Spanish consultancies. In the next months to come, the companies with the likelihood to cause an environmental risk must have a financial guarantee to repair these possible damages. This endorsement sum is calculated with an ERA for the specific industrial activity case. For that purpose it must be taken into account, on one hand, the probability of occurrence of an accident or event in the facilities with the likelihood to cause an environmental damage and, on the other hand, the intensity and extension of this damage. TEMA has the required environmental risk software to find out the amount of the financial guarantee in each case.