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  • Technicians of the Catalan Government receive a TEMA training on Environmental Impact Assessment.

    The sessions were based on the theoretical explanation of the studies and a practical part using real cases.

    October 25th 2019

    TEMA conducted a training on the elaboration of Environmental Impact Assessments for technicians of the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), who are in charge of evaluating the Integrated Environmental Assessments throughout the Catalan territory. The attendance reached fifty technicians from all four Catalan provinces.

    The course was divided into two sessions. The first session, more theoretical, was focused on the structure and content of an environmental study, taking TEMA as the benchmark. The second session, more practical, consisted on exercises and useful examples of real cases, focusing on aspects as the selection of alternatives, the identification and evaluation of the impacts and the vulnerability of the activities in case of major accidents and disasters. All attendees showed great interest in the training and have actively participated in the proposed debates and activities.

    These sessions highlight the importance of EIAs in the implementation of projects, as well as their difficulty and the need to keep environmental aspects in mind at all stages of a project.