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    After the events of Tarragona and Montornès, the Analysis and Investigation of Accidents takes spotlight.

    January 30th 2020

    In recent weeks we have confirmed the significance of Industrial Safety as a result of the two accidents that occurred in Catalonia, the uncontrolled fire in a solvent and industrial waste recycling company in Montornès del Vallès, and the blast in a petrochemical company in Tarragona.

    After these events, it is time to know what happened. To uncover the truth, the Analysis and Investigation of the accidents must be carried out. With the support of various methodologies, such as RCA, STEP, TRIPOD, ECFC or MTO analysis, it will be possible to identify the causes, whether human or equipment failures. These studies will also help to improve procedures and come up with corrective measures.

    Beyond the work to be done after an accident, it is important to highlight prevention by performing Industrial Safety Audits, in which all documentation is reviewed, to verify that the current regulation is complied, and confirm that physical inspections of the facilities had been carried out.

    TEMA has an extensive background of carrying out both audits and investigations following industrial accidents, and within our services the Building Risk Assessment stands out for this purpose, a risk study in which all the occupied buildings of a plant are assessed to identify the overpressure and radiation that they would withstand. The Building Risk Assessment allows us to suggest safer locations, which in the case of Control Rooms will allow us to guarantee that processes are carried out in a safe way.